Taibah Digital Repository

In the name of Allah

- Taibah digital repository has all scientific publications done by Taibah faculty and students.These publications include dissertations, periodicals and proceedings of conferences and symposiums.

- Repository is planned to have any new publications and textbooks of the various departments.

- It is administrated by professionals in information science and supervised by the Deanship of Libraries Affairs.

Libraries Affairs Deanship.
Taibah University

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Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Research & Studies Digital Library | المكتبة الرقمية لبحوث ودراسات المدينة المنورة [166]
Conferences & Seminars | المؤتمرات والندوات [194]
Digital Books | الكتب الرقمية [931]
Graduation Student Projects | مشاريع تخرج الطلاب [0]
Oriental and Rare Books Library | مكتبة الإستشراق والكتب النادرة [458]
Taibah University Curriculums | المقررات الدراسية في جامعة طيبة [1837]
Taibah University Faculty Members Publications| نشر أعضاء هيئة التدريس بجامعة طيبة [765]
Taibah University Gallery| الصور [47]
Taibah University Publications | مطبوعات جامعة طيبة [11]
Taibah University Scientific Journals | المجلات العلمية في جامعة طيبة [888]
Thesis & Dissertation | الرسائل الجامعية [521]

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